12th International Colloquium of Aumism

According to the teaching of His Holiness the Lord HAMSAH MANARAH



Les 28 & 29 of march 2020
Espace Charenton, 327 rue de Charenton (Métro porte de Charenton) 75012 Paris, France (click here to see access on Google Maps)

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What delays in the face of pollution, looting of resources, global warming that endangers the planet … What difficulties to get out of short-term interest, of hyper-individualism, of contempt for life?

Scientists have long been ringing the alarm bell, men, women and young people aware of human responsibility, understand that a change of mentality is required at all levels of society.

Faced with this need, aumist ecology helps us to change to save the planet: it frees us from the prejudices that divide people and nature. It accelerates our commitment to the environment by showing the role of different reigns in human evolution, the interdependence between man and nature, their unity based on the presence of the Divine in all that lives: “If you destroy your life, you destroy yourself, “says His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah, founder of Aumism.

This symposium addresses some of the priority issues today: How to reconcile food with ecology? Why take care of animals?
What to do with climate change? It gives the tracks of an education that supports the future of the Earth. And those of a personal change that contributes to collective change:

“Men beyond their differences must know how to unite
at the bedside of their sick environment to be overexploited and polluted.
His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah

The International Symposium on Aumism, held every two years since 1998, aims to find solutions for better living with others and the environment, in a world where the choice of reconciliation is urgent. : it brings together participants from all walks of life, speakers aumistes and independent of Aumism, researchers and actors in various fields, around themes that concern everyone.
Also on the program, a meditation for peace, a film on the initiatory journey of the Founder, a concert of sacred songs, a demonstration of hatha-yoga and martial arts, not to mention the friendly meeting around the traditional aperitive.