Aumism in Africa

Aumism is very present in Congo and Cabinda / Angola (Brazzaville, Pointe Noire, Dolisie, Cabinda …)

There are many places of worship, and conferences presenting Aumism to the public take place regularly.

Conferences, workshops, Yoga and Meditation courses with aumist priests and priestesses are also offered.

This year there have been 32 aumist baptisms in the Congo and several marriages …

The 1st African Symposium of Aumism took place in Pointe Noire in 2012

Aumisme participated to the “Parliament of the World’s Religions” 1999 in Cape Town / South Africa.


Places of worship and meeting :










Emission de télévision sur DRTV – HOMÉOSTASIE – Invitée : Vedhyas VISHTI – 10 Mars 2020 – Vicaelle OBEKO et Alexis BONGO” sur YouTube

2ème émission de télévision sur DRTV – HOMÉOSTASIE – Invitée : Vedhyas VISHTI – 21 Mars 2020 – Vicaelle OBEKO et Alexis BONGO” sur YouTube




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“Aumism: A Spiritual Heritage of Humanity; Synthesis and Unity of Religions.”

“Aumism and the well-being of Man”. It is on this theme that the members of the Aumist community of Brazzaville organized on last December 20 in Brazzaville a debate conference /exhibition and sale of Aumist books. Conference during which it was a question of making the Congolese aware that God is “ONE” and Unique but it is men who divide Him; divisions which are the source of many contradictions; but also to show to all those who believe in the Unity of the Faces of God that this awareness brings peace and Universal brotherhood. Debate conference which was led in turn by Vedhyas Aruja; Charlin KINOUANI; and Ghislain BOUESSO NZAMBI.


From the communications made during this conference, we will remember that Aumism is a doctrine which aims to balance the body and the Spirit, to understand each other better in order to better understand others, to pray for the evolution of beings, to help the human race, to progress in the way of tolerance, harmony and peace. Aumism reconciles Science and Religion, and religion with realistic perspectives for a common future.

Aumism is the Combatant’s Armor and the religious rosary, the short path leading to the Unity of the Faces of God. Thus, to be an aumist is to live one’s faith without seeking to impose it on others; it is to pray for all, friends or enemies, to be a selfless servant of the world and the Universe, it is also to purify internally while helping to purify the astral and the matter of the inhabited and uninhabited worlds, to help friends and the entities of stones, plants, animals and elements, to access the higher worlds of the large evolutionary scale of which man is only a link, it is also to develop the feeling of Unity and Universality, it means loving your country faithfully without forgetting to be a citizen of the world and the universe, by detaching yourself from personal problems every day, to participate in the silent service of the world, explained Vedhyas Aruja.

This conference focused on several sub themes among others: From aumist baptism to the education of the man, animated by the speaker Charlin KINOUANI; it was centered on the realities and mysteries of life, including death, the purpose of life on earth, pain and the like. And the other sub-theme focused on Aumism and self-well-being in Naturopathy and Yoga and on aumist postures.

The occasion was perfect for the speakers to enlighten the public on the aumist books among which the books of yoga, of Revelation, the books of the new Divine Laws, the Torch of Unity, and the books of the Aumist Sacraments.

Responding to some concerns from the audience, such as that related to the misunderstood death enigma, the speakers replied “it is because death is the factor that terrorizes man, man lives with death every day, they say. When a seeker of truth does not master the enigma of death he navigates in the void. And the pain of death misunderstood leads to death; when pain should allow man to go ahead, dismantle social barriers and triumph over all obstacles and become self-aware and move forward.

The ceremony was closed with a film showing the work of the founder of the Aumist Doctrine, the foundation of the Golden Age, S.M. HAMSANANDA and a visit to the exhibition of the books of the said fraternity.