Aumism is the Universal Religion that unites all religious currents on Earth, in the Unity of the Sound OM.
It is the Ideal of Unity, for the Evolution of Humanity, and its maintenance in the Golden Age, Age of Peace and Worldwide Solidarity.

1. Aumism, the Doctrine of the Golden Age

Aumism aims to balance body and mind, to understand oneself better, in order to better understand others, to pray for the evolution of all beings, to help humanity move forward along the path of tolerance, harmony and peace.
Aumism brings science and religion back together, with realistic prospects for our common future.

Aumism provides clear and practical solutions for the problems of our modern-day society, such as marital relationships, education and the future of our youth.
This Doctrine offers to solve the current moral and spiritual crisis by giving meaning to our lives and helping each other walk in Love.

It teaches us new perspectives on death, reincarnation and human psychology.

Aumism’s World Headquarters are located in the Holy City of Mandarom Shambhasalem, founded in 1969 in the South of France, by His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah.
Internationally, Aumism is organized as a Church, with its Bishops, Priests, Priestesses and followers. Aumist sacraments accompany them through the various stages of their lives.

Aumism unites within itself, the spiritual pearls of the mystical East and West. This unitist philosophy does not require its followers to give up their original religion :

“”It is often by studying other traditions, that they manage to get a better understanding of their own religion.”

His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah
(I am the Luminous Avatar of Synthesis, p.480)

”Aumism is a vibrant and active religion, enabling us, through simple and concrete means, accessible to everyone, to build all together, across various races, classes or creeds, the new values of our humanity.“

His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah (Adventures of a Western Yogi and Initiate, p.172)

2. The Aumism, derives from the primordial sound AUM

The word AUMISM comes from the sound AUM, at the origin of all religious traditions of humanity (AUM, AMEN, AMIN) and leads to the Unity of the Absolute, the fusion in God.
AUM crystallizes the universal language that which brings souls together connecting them with the Divine Spirit, that which many messagers of God are talking about and which crystallizes the Golden Age.
The sound AUM is the Word which is the source of all that is born, live and die to be reborn again, live and die.

3. Being Aumist

Being Aumist, means experiencing one´s faith without attempting to impose it onto others.
Being Aumist is praying for everyone, friends and foes alike. It is to be a selfless servant of the world and the universe.
Being Aumist is purifying oneself inwardly while also helping to purify the astral and material planes of both inhabited and uninhabited worlds.
Being Aumist is helping our friends, the entities of stones, plants, animals and elements, to reach the higher kingdoms of the great evolutionary ladder, of which man is only a link.
Being Aumist is helping the souls of the deceased get a better understanding of the realities of the other world. It is helping the living who wish to do so, no longer fear the death of the body, to understand the true purpose of life, which is to express ones divinity.
Being Aumist is developing a sense of Unity and Universality. It means loving one´s country faithfully without forgetting nevertheless to be a citizen of the World and the Universe.
Being Aumist is detaching oneself from one´s personal problems, each and every day, in order to participate in a silent service to the World.

His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah (Aumism, the Doctrine of the Golden Age, p.55)