Themes of former International Symposiums of Aumism

1st Symposium

1998 –His Holiness the Lord Hamsah MANARAH, Spiritual Master, one aspect of the Divine Compassion/p>

2nd Symposium

2000 – The Unity of God’s Faces and the peace in the world

3rd Symposium

2002 – The evolution of consciousnesses

4th Symposium

2004 – Successful life: the conquest of inner happiness

5th Symposium

2006 – Religion and non-violence in everyday life

6th Symposium

2008 – Back to the personal and planetary balance

7th Symposium

2010 – Respect, a priority for today’s world

8th Symposium

2012 – Building peace between human beings

9th Symposium

2014 – Building together the new era

10th Symposium

2016 – Life on earth and in the beyond

11th Symposium

2018 – Breaking out of violence to live better together

12th Symposium

2020 – Coming… Let’s change to save the Planet 28th & 29th of march 2020 in Paris