The Lord Hamsah Manarah is the Founder of the Monastery of Mandarom Shambhasalem, the Order of the Knights of the Triumphant Vajra and Aumism, Universal Religion of the Unity of God’s Faces. Untiring promoter of peace in the world, he devoted his entire life and his spiritual work to Unity among religions and peoples of the Earth.

A Holy Man in search of Knowledge

His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah, was born in a French Catholic family. While pursuing advanced university studies in the fields of Law, Philosophy, Economics and Medicine, he devoted the rest of his time to research into Yoga, naturopathy, spirituality and esoteric sciences.fondateur-biographie-shivanand

Mysticism from the West to the East … and back

The Lord Hamsah Manarah was initiated into the mysteries of the Kabbalah, Alchemy, and knew from inside many Western “philosophical” circles (Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, Martinist Lodges, Holy Grail) in which he held important responsibilities.

In 1960, after several trips to the Holy Land and the Middle East, His Holiness stayed a long time in India, especially in Rishikesh, at Swami Sivananda Saraswati’s Ashram. Swami Sivananda bestowed Him the initiation of a Sannyasin (“Renouncer devoted to God”) and also gave Him the name of Swami Hamsananda Sarasvati (“Bliss in the Absolute”). This initiation connected him to the spiritual lineage of the Sarasvati´s, a Spiritual order of ascetics established in the 7th century by Sankaracharya.

The Lord Hamsah Manarah was also initiated into Sufism, Jainism, certain branches of Buddhism and Hinduism, Japanese Shingon and certain African religions.

Return to France and spiritual retreat

Upon his return to France in 1962, the Lord Hamsah Manarah settled in a remote cave in the Vaucluse where he pursued his spiritual practices as a Yogi, practising daily rigorous spiritual practices, meditation and Hatha Yoga. The extreme conditions and exceptionally cold weather which prevailed during the winter of 1962-1963 only strengthened this Man of God’s resolve to pray and to work. He devised original spiritual techniques to help those who want to make the required efforts, to achieve Union with the Divine. He renewed in this way with the tradition of the Christian Fathers of the Desert or of the great Tibetan Yogis.

fondateur-biographie-hamsah-manarahIt was during this time that the Lord Hamsah Manarah experienced, on various occasions, a mystical merging into God, thus experiencing the higher states of consciousness which in India are called “Nirvikalpa Samadhi”.

The foundation of the Monastery of Mandarom Shambhasalem

The Lord Hamsah Manarah renounced his life as a hermit and accepted to teach, to pass on his spiritual experience to increasingly numerous visitors, who sought him out in his cave. He taught his first disciples and created his first centers of prayer and yoga. He also began to write His first Books, the future foundations of the religion of Aumism. His first works, dealing with various aspects of Yoga, will be reprinted several times over the years. He created the Initiate Order of the Knights of the Golden Lotus — now known as the “Knights of the Triumphant Vajra” — whose main purpose is the spiritual service of humanity, notably through prayer and the conquest of spiritual enlightenment.

In 1969, the Lord Hamsah Manarah founded the Monastery of Mandarom Shambhasalem in the Alps of Upper Provence, a Holy place, and the world headquarters of the Religion of Aumism. In it are Shrines for all the world’s main religions. The religious celebrations held there every year, bring together hundreds of believers, from all faiths and religions.

The Revelation to the world of the Cosmo-Planetary Messiah

fondateur-biographie-hamsah-manarah-2His Holiness revealed Himself to the Earth on August 22nd, 1990, as the Cosmo-Planetary Messiah and Avatar of Synthesis. Beyond the recognition shown by the dignitaries of the great religions that recognized him as a Self-Realized Being, this Revelation crowned the enormous spiritual prayer work accomplished by the Lord Hamsah Manarah. It also materialized the Unity of God’s Faces and the message of fraternity, respect and tolerance among the different religions, which the Lord Hamsah Manarah has always addressed to all of humanity. For Aumism, the Messiah’s mission of is to restore the Unity of God’s Faces on Earth, and to bestow upon humans the means to take their future into their own hands, to bring about a better world.

In the sacred texts of India, it is said:

“Whatever Name I am given, I remain the same.”

Jesus said :

“There are several mansions in my Father’s House.”(John 14-23)

According to Gandhi :

“He who has reached the heart of his own religion has also reached the heart of all other religions.” (Letters to the Ashram)

The Lineage of Hierokarantine

fondateur-biographie-livresAfter having written 22 Holy Books accessible to all, pricelss heritage of Aumism, evolutive keys to enable the pilgrim to reach the highest levels of consciousness, after having taught thousands of human beings the truth of the Unity of God’s Faces, after having generously passed on the fruits of his research and of his knowledge to His disciples, His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah, 1st Hierokarantine, left this world on March 19th, 1998.

Just as for the Buddhists of the Karma Kagyu School in relationship to His Holiness the Karmapa, Aumists await the next Hierokarantine, who will be the 2nd of the Initiate Lineage of the Divine Embodiments of their Religion.