For Aumists that rely on sacred texts, AUM is the source of Creation, the Primordial Sound, Mother-Sound of all sounds, the first and highest vibration of all. It is also called Pranava, which means the Propellor of Energy
(“Prana” meaning Vital Energy and “Va” = Vehicle).
The Sound AUM thus exists within each and every tradition. It is the Source of all blessings. It can purify one’s body, mind and spirit and the atmosphere of all of our surroundings.

AUM is found as AMEN in the Christian Tradition, and as AMIN in the Muslim Tradition. Contracted, this Sound is often spelled “OM”.

The three letters of AUM correspond to three principles:
A The primordial A, prior to Creation (physical plane).
U The U of Creation (mental plane).
M The M of the Expansion of Creation, the Divine Breath going off to infinity (spiritual plane).

The Hexamid

aumisme-symbole-hexamideThe Column of Light

aumisme-symbole-colonne de lumièreThe concept of Reincarnation is fundamental for Aumism, and in many Religions. Life and death are two poles of our existence.

“To be born is to begin to die, and to die is to begin to be born.”

His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah
(Aumism, the Doctrine of the Golden Age, p. 88)

The Lord Hamsah Manarah teaches that: “Death is only a change of condition.” The immortal soul leaves the body of flesh to later reincarnate and seek throughout its incarnations or lifetimes, to achieve enlightenment.

The Column of Light hosts departed souls. Made up of six Branches, each with 21 levels of consciousness, it is a post-mortem Spiritual University where souls perfect themselves before being reborn, or reincarnated. Thus, little by little, the Earth will be populated by highly evolved souls, able to make and maintain Peace, in Unity with the Divine in each and everyone.

The Evolutionary Pyramid of the Realms of Nature

aumisme-symbole-pyramideThe Evolutionary Pyramid of the Realms of Nature represents (from bottom to top) the various kingdoms, through which consciousness evolves, going from mineral to plant, from plant to animal, from animal to human, and finally at the peak, from human to Divine.

Thus, Aumism enshrines interdependency and responsibility at the heart of the relationships between the Realms of Nature:

“Humans, animals, vegetables and minerals within the Earth are part of a Whole, as branches of the Tree of Life …”

His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah
(“The Code of Honour of Man with respect to the Realms of Nature”, Aumism, the Doctrine of the Golden Age, p. 207)