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SPIRITUAL SUPPORT #5 To calm relations



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Being confined to a group of people is not always easy, even if you get along well. You have to look after the morale of the household !
By repeating the OM Sound for our loved ones, by striving to preserve our physical and mental balance, we will encourage them to share soothing practices.
Confinement is a school of living-together with an accelerated program! It puts us before the necessity of mutual respect, acceptance of differences, mutual help… Our understanding, our affection will encourage and empower everyone.
Furthermore, it is important to avoid tensions, to know how to reconcile. This strengthens the bonds of love and cooperation. Here are two keys to help us do this:

The cancellation of aggressive thoughts…

Aumism, like many spiritual traditions and religions of East and West, considers thought to be creative. It urges us to nourish thoughts of love, peace, benevolence, and to refrain from “harmful” thoughts. But if some escape – which happens to every human being! – we believe that it is possible to act on them, therefore on their consequences: the work is at the same time that of an ethical awareness and that of a spiritual alchemy. Firstly by trying not to reproduce the same aggressive mental pattern; secondly by neutralizing the emitted thoughts, i.e. by substituting them with a positive mental vibration. For example, by internally repeating the following formula:

“I cancel the thought of hatred emitted against Such
and sends him a thought of love, peace, harmony and unity.
May his soul forgive me and be reconciled with my inner God.”
(Vers un Age d’Or d’Unité, p. 185)


In a number of situations that can “damage” the relationship, forgiveness helps us to make things right, to free us from guilt and resentment, to restore goodwill:

“The first step is forgiveness to oneself to avoid self-punishment.
The second step is to turn to those who have wronged us,
who have done us the most harm, by telling them : “I forgive you for the evil you’ve done.
May the Light be in your mind and the Divine Love in your heart. »
(Vers un Age d’Or d’Unité, p. 177-178)

These soothing practices are not reserved for confinement! They help to harmonize relationships in all situations.


SPIRITUAL SUPPORT #4 To transform oneself


New publication every Thursday and Sunday


Any hardship is a springboard for transformation.
It is a matter today for everyone – those who must go out to help, those who must stay at home, believers and non-believers, in France and in all countries – of keeping the course of courage in the long term.
It is an opportunity to strengthen oneself through inner transformation.

So the question we will ask ourselves as the days go by is:
“How can we make this event an opportunity to express the best of ourselves? »

There is in each one a constructive force, a force of love that fixed habits, purely material concerns do not solicit, and that selfishness and divisions suffocate. By asking us to make an extra effort, this crisis gives us the opportunity to free it, to live it fully.

To make this new beginning easier for us:
– the first step is to consider life as a school and to say to ourselves with each experience: “What do I need to learn from it to progress? “If we find it difficult to step back from situations that overwhelm us with emotions, let us accept this with kindness towards ourselves and persevere:

“We were born on this Earth to learn to love. »

– the second step is to say to yourself, wherever you are, “How can I love, how can I help in the best possible way?” It’s a guiding thread that leads us to the right word and action in any context:

“By helping your brothers and sisters, you chisel the jewel of your soul and you will conquer true happiness
which is to have wanted to make everyone you meet happy.”
(Le Flambeau d’Unité, p. 397)





Add divine protection to health protection measures!

For Aumism, God is present in each and everyone, and He is the same for all, no matter what Name is used to designate Him. Affirming one’s unity with the Divine is a way of being united with the Almighty, with our human brothers and sisters (believers and non-believers alike), and of placing ourselves under the protection of the Heavenly and Cosmic Powers who watch over Humanity. This is what this affirmation reminds us of:

“I am One with the Lord God Almighty present in everyone,
All obstacles in my path are cleared,
I am divinely inspired, enlightened, guided, protected. »

The Law of Evolution of Souls, p. 438





The epidemic is also one of stress, of accumulated fears that destabilize and cause loss of self-confidence in one’s ability to cope. This is understandable. But more than ever, restoring and maintaining emotional stability is a necessity.

This involves activating relational support (telephone or Internet contacts with family, relatives, friends, etc.) or, in the event of difficulty, calling on professionals who can be mobilized during this period (for example, via certain telephone platforms for reliable psychological support set up by institutions).

Moreover, on an individual level, it is possible for each of us, believers or non-believers, to put into practice a few simple techniques that can help us regain calm or keep it over time.

“The culture of calm makes us less and less vulnerable to outside influences”, it has “a happy effect on health. “It has a positive effect on health. It has a positive effect on the environment and society.

Practicing positive autosuggestion  

“Fear fixes attention on the dark side of things, on the negative. She is a pessimist. It depresses, paralyses the faculties. We need to neutralize it by confronting it with thoughts of courage, confidence, optimism, self-confidence. “(The Yoga of Practical Life)

Positive autosuggestion is a means of developing self-confidence: the method is developed in the book cited above.

An adapted formula, accepted in the deepest part of oneself, is effective. Recorded, displayed, repeated, it permeates the subconscious, makes the efforts made to succeed effective, supports the process of transformation in the chosen direction.

Technique to develop self-confidence

Use one formula at a time, for example:

“I am more calm and in control of myself. »

“I’m getting stronger and stronger. »

“I’m getting more and more confident and self-assured. »

An important point : live in the awareness of the fulfillment of one’s affirmation.

Here is a possible complement before making an affirmation:

  • Standing or sitting (facing north or east), relax. Breathe calmly.
  • Send thoughts of peace, love, harmony, happiness, health, prosperity in all directions of space.
  • Think: “I am in Unity with the Divine Consciousness. »
  • Pronounce the chosen statement.

Master the unbridled imagination

Fear unleashes, with harmful imagination, the “cyclone of emotions”. It is a matter of taking a step back, exercising one’s reason and the vigilance required in the face of events.

Taken from Meditation for the Mastery of the Imagination (in The Law of Evolution of Souls, ch. XXIV ), here is an affirmation that can help us to stay in balance:

“I am a Center of strength, light, consciousness.

I control my mind better and better.

I am more and more positive in all circumstances.

Nothing negative can reach me.

I remain serene, calm and in control of myself in all circumstances. »

This affirmation can be accompanied by the repetition of the OM sound.


SPIRITUAL SUPPORT #1 Taking care of oneself


Taking care of yourself physically and mentally helps you to cope with difficulties: “the culture of calm makes you less and less vulnerable to outside influences”, it has “a happy effect on health. “It has a beneficial effect on health. It has also a positive effect on the environment and society.


By instituting habits, we can prevent the impact of sedentary lifestyles and give ourselves the satisfaction of wellness.

Exercise at home

Only to the extent that official recommendations allow, short outings close to home can be used. Exercises can also be done indoors.

In the absence of symptoms of illness in the home and in people confined with us, in the strict respect of hygiene and social distancing (therefore also depending on the space and promiscuity), everyone can make gentle gymnastic movements or adapt their usual practices to the context, the benefits of which will continue to be felt. Hatha- Yoga, for example, practiced with common sense and according to the rules, promotes “nervous balance, the return to calm, self-conquest and lasting happiness. »

Breathing consciously

“Good breathing is the necessary condition for the harmonious functioning of the organs, the control of emotions, and general well-being. »

Let us recall here a basic technique of Pranayama (breath control) taken from Naturopathy and Yoga. Beneficial for all, it promotes inner peace.

Technique of Complete Deep Breathing

During the day, take frequent deep breaths. According to each person’s capacity, start with a few breaths and gradually increase until:

  • 10 to 15 minutes in the morning when you wake up,
  • 3 to 5 minutes at bedtime. In order to avoid an increase in energy that delays sleep, the evening session should be short.

Sitting, standing or lying down in a ventilated room, preferably facing north or east:

– Completely empty the lungs.

– Inspire: to lower the diaphragm and to inflate the abdomen hardly; to dilate the average part of the thorax, to draw aside the ribs without forcing, to bulge gradually without exaggerating.

– Exhale: lower the shoulders while gradually letting the ribs descend; contract the walls of the abdomen to finish breathing.

N.B.: inhalation and exhalation must be done slowly and progressively through the nose. During the exercise moderation should be the priority: one should not have the feeling of running out of air or of being hyperventilating for example. Complete breathing can be combined with the repetition of the OM sound.

Integrate bodily practices into one’s schedule.

A daily program – quite flexible of course – allows us to keep our bearings, to manage our life during confinement as best we can. It ensures that there is room for a variety of activities, protecting us from complacency which quickly degenerates into lassitude. Integrating bodily practices into one’s schedule ensures their continuity over time for our greater good. Let us keep in mind this encouragement: “Regularity in practice invigorates the will, increases dynamism and efficiency. »

At times when we need courage to persevere, let us remember that taking care of ourselves is taking care of others. And also… that “the body is the Temple of the Soul”.




How can we turn this period into a return to basics ?

First, we must give meaning to our daily lives in relation to the national and international situation: in addition to preserving ourselves, remaining confined is a civic act that can save lives. By avoiding unintentional contamination or contamination (some people can transmit the virus without having symptoms), we act as a barrier to the spread, we avoid contributing to the overloading of hospitals and caregivers. This is a strong motivation that needs to be reiterated over the weeks. We will thus come out of it more responsible, more united. Let us not forget that it will come to an end.

To make it a time of enrichment, we will regularly propose on the site of Aumism some springboards of practical exercises, reading, reflection, meditation, drawn from the Written Teaching of His Holiness the Lord HAMSAH MANARAH. Simple suggestions within the reach of all, believers and non-believers alike, compatible with the conditions of confinement (and which are in NO CASE a substitute for official instructions and medical treatment).



The benefits of repetition of the OM chant – found in Amen, Amin, Aum – are listed in Chapter I of the Book “Aumism, the Doctrine of the Golden Age”. To enjoy them requires a spirit of benevolence.

“Sing the AUM aloud and you will purify the ambience and crystallize good vibrations. Sing the AUM in a low voice, it will calm your mind and promote concentration and healing.

Sing the AUM mentally, and you will more easily achieve concentration, meditation, inner strength that liberates and delivers the soul. »

Repeat the OM for all the cells of your body, all your organs and your chakras.

During the repetition, visualize a white light flooding your body.

Repeat the AUM for your surroundings, your country, the whole world.

For all those who are now leaving their fleshly bodies.

To help all those who are sick and suffering and their families.

To relieve those who are in the grip of fear and anguish.

And to support those who continue to provide for the needs of the community, to help and care.


“Remember the song of the AUM.

It saves souls in despair.

It saves people from destruction. »