How can we turn this period into a return to basics ?

First, we must give meaning to our daily lives in relation to the national and international situation: in addition to preserving ourselves, remaining confined is a civic act that can save lives. By avoiding unintentional contamination or contamination (some people can transmit the virus without having symptoms), we act as a barrier to the spread, we avoid contributing to the overloading of hospitals and caregivers. This is a strong motivation that needs to be reiterated over the weeks. We will thus come out of it more responsible, more united. Let us not forget that it will come to an end.

To make it a time of enrichment, we will regularly propose on the site of Aumism some springboards of practical exercises, reading, reflection, meditation, drawn from the Written Teaching of His Holiness the Lord HAMSAH MANARAH. Simple suggestions within the reach of all, believers and non-believers alike, compatible with the conditions of confinement (and which are in NO CASE a substitute for official instructions and medical treatment).



The benefits of repetition of the OM chant – found in Amen, Amin, Aum – are listed in Chapter I of the Book “Aumism, the Doctrine of the Golden Age”. To enjoy them requires a spirit of benevolence.

“Sing the AUM aloud and you will purify the ambience and crystallize good vibrations. Sing the AUM in a low voice, it will calm your mind and promote concentration and healing.

Sing the AUM mentally, and you will more easily achieve concentration, meditation, inner strength that liberates and delivers the soul. »

Repeat the OM for all the cells of your body, all your organs and your chakras.

During the repetition, visualize a white light flooding your body.

Repeat the AUM for your surroundings, your country, the whole world.

For all those who are now leaving their fleshly bodies.

To help all those who are sick and suffering and their families.

To relieve those who are in the grip of fear and anguish.

And to support those who continue to provide for the needs of the community, to help and care.


“Remember the song of the AUM.

It saves souls in despair.

It saves people from destruction. »