Welcome to the Aumist religion’s official website

You will discover the history of the Monastery of Mandarom Shambhasalem, the Biography of its Founder, the Doctrine of Aumism and answers to questions you may have about this new religion as well as all the necessary information to contact us. See you soon!

The Aumism’s online store

accueil-boutique Direct access to the Store You can order the Books, the song’s CD’s, the perfumes and homemade products of the Monastery in our online store. You also may download the Aumism’s Sacred songs.

In this auspicious time of Wesak, we join all Buddhists, celebrating the Buddha, and praying for peace on Earth.


Visits of the Holy City every Saturday and Sunday afternoon

Go to the page “Timetables and visits”

and everyday during french school holidays for all 3 zones…
with the exception of April, where visits will take place every day but only during the Easter school holidays in zone B, from 8 to 23 April (closed on the 11th)

Incoming days of Spiritual Encounters : here